I had the pleasure of attending Yin Yoga classes with Radhika in Goa, and what an utter delight! Her gentle, relaxed nature along with her expert guidance helped me ease my body, mind and soul into the asanas, which resulted in a truly blissful experience. I cannot recommend her enough xxx

- Nicola Lucie -

Radhika is a wonderful yogateacher with a lot of experience in teaching and practising.
Yoga for her is not only „on the mat“, it’s her life-style.
Very authentical with a good depth.

-Juergen Kracke –

I loved Radhikas Yoga classes. She is an amazing teacher. Her love and passion that she shares with all her students creates a great and unique atmosphere in the class.
I hope to join her classes soon again.
Thanks Radhika for all the yoga classes 🙏

Yvonne Aign -

I had the pleasure to accompany Radhikas Yin Yoga classes with my bamboo flute (bansuri). She's a wonderful yoga teacher - everyone who was there loved it - me too of course!

- Claus Rückbeil -

Radhika's Yinyoga class is a must. With her calm way, I could totally relax deeply into the asanas. She lovingly takes care of every participant and offers alternative postures if necessary. She inspires with her experience and authenticity. Radhika is a great yoga teacher and whoever gets the opportunity to practice with her should definitely do it!

- Stephanie Iber -

Radhika initiated me to Yoga. As a Yoga coach she not only teaches you the techniques but connects with you in order to answer the needs of your body and soul and enhance your personal development. She is careful not to force you into position that do not feel right for you but at the same time motivates you to go a step further every lessons. I would highly recommend Radhika.

- Herve Jodogne -