Diving into the ocean, waterfalls and woods, limiting beliefs and proper computer work in northern Bali

Namaste dear sisters and brothers,

and a hearty hug from Bali, the rich grounds I am gifted to call my home right now.

For the last two month I was emerging myself deep into the nature in north Bali, being with the ocean, the woods and the waterfalls and away from all the spiritual offerings we have here in Ubud.

Inspiring as all these courses, the yoga classes, the contact improvisation sessions are, it's always about finding a balance between outside stimuli / being in supervised classes and just being.

The north offers a lot of space for pure being without too many external stimuli. Effortlessly, a morning routine consisting of ayurvedic cleansing exercises, meditation, pranayama and yogic practices has been set up; everything surrounded by breathtaking, pure nature.
In addition, I have invested a lot of time in exploring how to use the social media in a meaningful and nurturing way, and in the creation of my homepage.
I was allowed to deal intensively with a limiting set of beliefs: "I'm not good at all the online things; I cannot create a homepage in a creative and joyful way".
I can tell you, it was hard work, many resistances have occurred, many moments when I just wanted to give up.
But I kept going, threw my own limiting views overboard and in fact I could find joy and inspiration in this work.

Now I am happy and excited to officially launch my homepage:


Have a look, I'm looking forward to your feedback!

Incidentally, I am back in Ubud and enjoy the fabulous Contact Improvisation gatherings here to the fullest and continue to follow my (somewhat stripped down) morning routine.

With wishes and hugs deep from my heart, Radhika