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Private Classes/Yoga Personal Training

Take your practice to a new level

You are new to the yoga path and you have many questions and possibly uncertainties in performing the asanas? You have been practicing for some time and would like to deepen into the practice and theory of yoga?

Then private classes are just right for you! I look forward to accompanying you on your way - private yoga classes are a meaningful and nourishing addition to group lessons.

In your private session you have the opportunity to ask all the questions that concern you, to work intensively and purposefully on your personal challenges in the asana practice and to dive deeper into the precious treasure "Yoga"

Whether you book an individual lesson for you or a package of 3-5 classes in the form of a Yoga Personal Training, you will spend precious time for yourself.
The content of the individual lessons / yoga personal training is tailored to your individual needs.

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Possible contents are:

Asana practice, alignment, Yoga Therapy,
Establishment of a yogic daily routine and integration of your yoga practice into everyday life
yogic diet
and many more.

I offer private lessons personally and online. For questions and appointments write me an email or whatsapp message. My contact details can be found here