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My interest in Spirituality began in teenage age. Loving the world with all its adventures, up’s and down’s and fun things to do and also quite often struggling with it, I had the clear feeling, that there must be more to life than the outside world, a deeper meaning to all of this. This led me to various spiritual disciplines, sometimes more, sometimes less strict in my search. Finally I found my spiritual home in Yoga and Buddhism. In addition to various classic Yoga styles and Meditation techniques, Contact Im provisation and free dance are part of my personal journey and of my work.

There I am now - still loving life and for sure as well struggling with it and foremost being endlessly grateful for finding this precious inner realm, which makes me feel complete.

Growing more into the practices over the years I got increasingly interested in integrating what I learned on my Yoga mat and on the meditation cushion into my life, fully dedicating my professional and personal life to spiritual growth and development. No matter where, living in a Yoga Ashram, in India or Bali, my deepest desire was and is to bring this gift -yoga- into the world and share it with other beings.

Practicing and teaching Yoga and other spiritual practices can and should be both, sincere and playful. Good news…we can have joy and lightness growing and learning!

To live from the space of the heart is my wish for every being and my life motto; both in everyday life and togetherness with other beings as well as in spiritual practice on the yoga mat and the meditation cushion. Thus, our daily being and our spiritual practice can be integrated into a nutritious and complete whole.

My passion is to take care of you with joy-hearted energy and precision during your Yoga practice as well as during your Massage and Energy treatment, assisting you to unfold your full potential.



Diploma in education

Speech therapist

Integral Yoga Teacher RYT500

Inner Flow Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Yin Yoga Instructor

Chakra Yoga Teacher

Pranayama Teacher

Yogic meditation, mindfulness Meditation

Yoga Personal Training

Ayurveda health consultant, Abhyanga massage therapist

Thai Massage therapist

Hawaiian Shamanism (Lomi Lomi Nui Massage, Ho'oponopono)

Contact Improvisation Intensive with Lietje de Haas

Contact Improvisation Immersion with Ulli Wittemann

Contact Improvisation Intensive with Rob Kancler

Dissolve, Intuitive Contact Impro Skills with Tara Li



Yoga Retreats (solo or group)

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Personal Training (in person and online)


Chakra Balancing