Living from the Heartspace

Namaste! And welcome to my page!

I love to share the magic of Yoga with you - you are invited to walk on this Yoga path along with me!

My vision is to create a safe container, where you can grow deeper into your true self and unfold your full potential.

I love to support and empower you on your journey from the outside to the inside and in this way towards leading a happy, joyfull, fullfilled and peaceful life.

I do this by teaching private yoga classes in person and online, leading intimate retreats all over the world, creating gorgeous handmade malas to enhance your meditaiton practice (and adorn your beautiful body, too).

I am currently living in Bali, Indonesia, for more about me and my adventures check out my about page here.


Om sweet Om

Aum (Om), the Divine Word - according to Yoga philosophie the origins, the beginning, of the universe. At first there was nothing, the very first thing was a sound vibration, and from there everything sprang into existence and the material world was born.

Retreat With Me

Treat yourself to a wonderful,relaxing and nourishing quality time……


Retreats and private classes

a wonderful opportunity to delve deeper into the world of Yoga

Private classes/Yoga Personal Training

Do you need assistance with your asana practice, do you wish to build a yogic routine, or do you just want to indulge yourself with private yoga classes... Then contact me here